Filthy Sweet has the privilege of having an expansive and ever-growing network of support from friends, family, and others who believe in the Filth. On this page, we want to aknowledge some of the people who have gone above and beyond to help Filthy Sweet thrive and succeed. Don't be afraid to check them out yourselves!

    Northwoods Rock Rally, in Glen Flora, WI, is one the craziest goddamn parties of the year. As per our annual blood oath, Filthy Sweet never misses a year of Rally, even to the extent of planning tours around it! We have tickets for sale at all of our shows alongside all of our awesome merch. Don't miss it!

Our drummer Jackson is proud to be an artist endorsed by Scorpion Percussion. They make their sticks nearly indestructible, probably because they make them out of dragon bones or something (that or their famous "Weapon Grade Hickory"; they're roughly the same), all while still being perfectly balanced and expertly crafted.

George Madlon is basically a wizard....




That is, if you consider wizards to be generous awesome dudes who make killer stained glass art pieces. Click the image. Check him out.