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Filthy Sweet is an original rock band based out of Eau Claire, WI. With a raw sound and an eclectic array of styles and influences, Filthy Sweet puts on a high-energy stage show you won't want to miss.

Well, I finally got a chance to listen to the album cranked in the car (the way God intended, it's in the bible). Nice work! I can hear all the hard work you guys put into it, and I catch something each time that I didn't hear before. So many layers of unique filthy goodness. Its polished without being too polished. I hope you guys are as proud of it as I am of all of you!

-Tim Hales (of bands MYRRIYA and 4th Floor)

"Great hooks, and a killer live set! Every time we spin a Filthy Sweet song, our phones light up with listeners wanting more!"


- Terry Stevens, Brand Manager/Program Director WOZZ-FM

It's hard voicing a non biased opinion of someone's music when you become friends with the band before hearing it. I can honestly say that had I never met Jax, Chris, or my favorite rocker chick Emma, I would absolutely love this CD. Having them as friends is just icing on the cake and I'm proud to call them friends. The first thing I listen for is production. Right off the bat I noticed the mix was clean, full, crisp, and dynamic. The songwriting is catchy and I love the vibe. I'm a big 90s alt rock fan and to my ears this is a very cool, hip, reincarnation of sorts. It's modern but has a classic feel. I also was very happy to hear great musicianship with SPACE for the songs to flow. A lot of younger bands fill every gap with chops and throw dynamics out the window. I didn't find one track to be "filler". Each song had a unique direction. Great tones and tasteful arrangements. I'm proud of these guys and I have no problem giving this a 5 star rating. It will be in my driving music rotation permanently. Kudos you Filthy animals.

- Danzo McCracken (of the bands Nudge and Reality Bites)


Filthy Sweet is an original rock band based out of Eau Claire, WI. Their sound features a modern approach to a classic style of rock, pulling inspiration from a diverse list of influential artists including Led Zeppelin, Crobot, Weezer, Nirvana, Highly Suspect, and The White Stripes. Featuring strong male lead vocals complimented by powerful female backing vocals, commanding guitar riffs, groovy bass lines, and heavy-hitting drums to creating a one-of-a-kind sound you've likely never heard before. They combine crowd interaction, a high energy stage show, and catchy songs to create the ultimate live music experience.

Christopher McIntyre- Not much is known about Chris before he bust onto the backwater country music scene back in 1973, as the hit banjoist Liggit Jones. Liggit worked as a featured artist with many popular bands such as Seven-Foot Catfish, Lobe Spank, Flickin Chickin, and most famously, Milo Hanson and the Muck Taints. Tragically, in 2000, Liggit was killed in a freak train accident, and the majority of his body never was found. Using bionics, hoodoo, and a whole mess of electric eels, he was reanimated by Jackson. Upon awakening, he assumed the identity of Chris McIntyre and developed an afinity for rock music, which set the stage for Filthy's success.

Jackson Kleingartner- Conceived at Woodstock '94, Jackson is the acid-induced lovechild of Neal Middleton's beard and Jimmy Hendrix's ghost. Spending most of his life wandering the streets of Wisoconsin suburbia, he made a name for himself in the elite culture of bucket-drumming. What he lacked in actual buckets and drumsticks, he made up for in raw unbridled enthusiasm and delusions of mediocrity. At one of his biggest events to date, playing alone under a bridge in Chippewa Falls, WI, he was visited by the ghost of Liggit Jones, who inspired him to find his body and use it to form a band.

Kayla Wrukus- The newest practitioner of Filth, Kayla was only recently thawed and restored to life after being found frozen in the Siberian tundra alongside a herd of similarly preserved mammoths: presumably her only family. Due to being the only human in a herd of furry pachyderms, she naturally had an affinity for low pitched stringed instruments, which became quite evident during the course of laboratory tests performed on her. Upon her kidnapping by the other members of Filthy Sweet from the government facility containing her, she was quickly taught basic English and indoctrinated with the musical and religious ideals of Filthy Sweet. The rest, as they say, is history.



Booking: Jackson Kleingartner : 715-933-2224